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D** *****s

I hope they make this forever. This is the best smelling, most manly scent ever made. In the tub it doesn't smell like much, but once lathered, all sorts of smells begin to compete for one's attention. There is leather and top tier bourbon with vanilla notes. There is also tobacco, but not the stinking cigarette or cigar type people think about when they read tobacco. It is the sweet fragrance of tobacco plants hung in a barn to cure before processing. It also has notes of Sri Lankan cinnamon, and other notes that just stay out of reach to define. Of course, the performance is what one would expect of Barrister and Mann, and this soap even stands up to a straight razor.

31 May 2023
D** *****s

I was happily surprised by this shaving soap. It has the great slickness and cushion B&M is known for. However, the scent is what struck me. When I opened the jar I wasn't certain. It was a little like a car air freshener. I let it air out and then when I lathered with it, WOW! The scent really opened up. It is like camping in a snowy high mountain spruce forest in Alaska and using the boughs for a bed or to build a shelter for the night. Very nice, indeed.

18 May 2023
D** *****s

This is overall the best shaving soap I've ever used. If someone is looking for something that is strong smelling, this is not the soap. It smells clean, light, and very pleasant. It makes a person want to shave. It has very good slickness and the after shave feel is fantastic. It never leaves the skin dry. It is a very hard soap and soaking it overnight before use to rehydrate it is recommended.

7 November 2022