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Marvis Rambas, Royal, Karakum, Orange Blossom Bloom, Sweet Sour Rhubarb , Black Forest 75ml
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Brand Marvis
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A long-lasting, pleasurable taste sensation and a healthy mouth.
Removes plaque and tartar for a sparkling white smile.
Fluoride-free, gluten-free, vegan, paraben- and phthalate-free
Made in Italy

Wonders of the World Collection
Marvis Wonders Of the World Limited Edition toothpastes are Flouride-free, gluten-free, vegan, paraben- and phthalate-free. These ultra luxury toothpastes are Italian classics using time-honored methods to guarantee a wonderfully rich, creamy paste. What makes Marvis toothpastes so unique is their range of flavors. Marvis toothpastes combine a base flavor of mint, for freshness, with exotic flavors to provide you with a long-lasting pleasurable taste experience.

Sweet Sour Rhubarb
Rhubarb Marvis toothpaste is an oral hygiene treatment that allows: to clean teeth and fight against cavities, to remove tobacco, coffee, wine stains ... to bring shine to teething, freshen breath with peppermint and iced menthol. Most ? Its taste of rhubarb pie.

Anise Mint
MARVIS anise mint toothpaste ensures clean teeth, healthy gums and a pleasant feeling of freshness in your mouth.
It gently and reliably cleans and provides fresh breath with a very special touch.

Orange Blossom Bloom
The Orange Blossom Bloom Limited Edition from Marvis is a quintessential but unique Orange Blossom Bloom flavoured toothpaste that gives a pleasurable taste sensation. The toothpaste contains Fluoride which helps prevent tooth decay, plaque and tartar and will keep your mouth feeling clean and smelling fresh all day. Marvis toothpaste is presented in a classic, elegant tube design.

Black Forest

Luxury toothpaste in a classic aluminium tube with a slightly less traditional flavor that combines cherries, mint and chocolate. It is sure to bring style to an activity where you wouldn't have expected it – tooth brushing.

Brand Story
Imported from Florence Italy, Marvis is a superior dental brand that has been loved in Italy for generations. Marvis is offered in a variety of delicious, innovative and fashionable flavors.

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