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Stirling Soap Company (A to O) Post Shave Balm 118ml From USA
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Brand Stirling Soap Company
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Stirling Soap Company Post Shave Balm from Alphabet (A to O) 118ml

Post Shave Balm are moisturizer used after shaving to reduce irritation, calm and sooth razor burn and also to provide nutrients for skin , ensuring optimum skin care.

This scent has top notes of Orange and Grapefruit, middle notes of Black Pepper and Pelargonium (Geranium), and base notes of Patchouli, Cedar, Vetiver, and Vanilla.

Baker Street
Thanks to the generosity of the owners of Strop Shoppe, Stirling Soap Company is proud to be able to resurrect this iconic scent. A fresh and masculine blend of Juniper, Bergamot, Jasmine, Patchouli.

A smell that recreates the essence of sitting in the old-time barbershop

Bay Rum
Bay West Indies (Pimenta Racemosa) essential oil is blended with Orange, Nutmeg, and a hint of Clove to provide a very complex and masculine aroma

Bergamot & Lavender
If Lavender had a peel, this is what it would smell like. Spicy, sweet, floral, and most definitely unique.

A blend of Scots Pine, Fir Needle, Texas Cedarwood, and Lichen Essential Oils.

Deep Blue Sea
This very complex scent boasts notes from woodsy to floral, vanilla, mint, earth, and citrus. A fresh, woodsy, and intoxicatingly masculine scent that's sure to please.

Stirling Soap Company's take on the popular men's cologne, Acqua_Di_Gio

Executive Men
You are the Executive Man.Inspired by (but not affiliated with)Creed_Aventus.

A blend of Cedarwood, Lavender, Bergamot, Balsam, Lichen, Musk, Black Pepper, Sage, and Cade.

Juniper Berry, a couple of limes, and a splash of Lemon.

Spa-like blend of Patchouli, Lavender, Oakmoss, Lichen, Frankincense, and Vetiver. A gloriously earthy scent.

Warm vanilla surrounds a floral tobac base in this sexy, masculine combination.

This scent boasts of amber, coffee, musk, leather, and wood are rounded out by citrus, floral, and vetiver notes.

Island Man
An intoxicating blend of bergamot, lime, mandarin, coconut, jasmine, hibiscus, ylang-ylang, ginger, sugarcane, musk, and rum. The Island Man only makes his appearance during the summer season so get yours while it lasts!

Margaritas in the Arctic
Well, it smells just like a nice glass of Margaritas!

Mountain Man
A blend of bergamot, orange, green tea, black currant, Galbanum, musk, sandalwood, and petitgrain.

Ozark Mountain
It is woodsy, spicy, and absolutely the closest fragrance we have found to replicating the aroma of the Ozarks.

NOTE: Due to the ingredient Allantoin, this product may exhibit white specks. This does not affect the performance of the balm and the white specks are fully absorbed when applied to the skin. Allantoin is an additive that helps heal wounds and stimulates the growth of healthy skin tissue.

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